A Reflection for the Third Sunday of Easter

With that their eyes were opened and they recognized him… The above is one of my favourite phrases in Luke’s Gospel. As you can see, these two men (one identified as Cleopas) were not just impartial observers of the events of Passover Sabbath; Luke tells us that they were also identified as disciples.

A Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter

I often think that Doubting Thomas gets an unfair press. Certainly, he doubted but he was also courageous. It takes enormous courage to want to touch the wounds of another. Jesus understood that nothing else would satisfy Thomas except to touch His wounds. There was honesty in that questioning. Thomas didn’t allow others to influence him but held out for an authentic encounter with the Lord. In finding the Lord, he found his joy.

A Reflection for Easter Sunday

Easter Day of the Lord’s Resurrection ~ Easter Day is bright with joy; A lightsome smile of happiness On this day’s face. Greeting the victorious Risen Lord; Singing melodiously of home again. Of promised growing into fullness; Of a blooming and flowering,