A Reflection for the Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

To be a true follower of any person or of any cause demands a change in one’s attitude and even in one`s way of living. It is not enough to be a fan and to admire from a distance; one must engage with the person or the cause. A good friend of mine is a strong follower of the Irish international soccer team and for many years has attended every match, at home and away, in good times and in bad, singing his favourite song “I’ll go with you wherever you go”.

A Reflection for the Feast of Corpus Christi

At early Mass on the Feast of Corpus Christi, our parish priest preached to his congregation in St. Mary’s Church about the actual presence of the Body and Blood of Christ. We were a devout, if innocent, community of believers but by the end of the homily, which was delivered from the raised pulpit, we had an understanding that, as a faith community, we were part of the sacred Body of Christ. If I struggled with that particular concept as a child, there was no such uncertainty when we were reminded that “the procession” would take place at 1p.m. and that everyone was to gather half-an-hour beforehand in preparation for the community celebration.

A Reflection for Trinity Sunday

Many aspects of our Christian Faith have been questioned throughout the ages. Even today many Christians struggle with the ‘three in one expression’ of the Holy Trinity. As believers, we can’t even begin to get hold of or grasp the fullness of the Trinity, our faith helps us in some small way to experience its presence within our lives. It cannot be understood with evidence presented like that in a court room, but it is a reality that we experience through prayer and heart.