A Reflection for Pentecost Sunday

It was necessary for Jesus to leave this earth, to make way for the sending of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit dwells in each Christian at baptism but is He an unknown guest? What influence has He in decisions that are made?

A Reflection for the Feast of the Ascension

This Sunday, as we listen to the Acts of the Apostles and the Gospel of Luke, we celebrate Christ’s Ascension. The earthly mission and ministry of Jesus are now over, and He is now returning to ‘Abba’ (Father). Jesus now entrusts his friends and followers to carry on his work of proclaiming and spreading the Kingdom of God.

A Reflection for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

The series of readings from the Apocalypse comes to an end today culminating in the vision of the new Jerusalem. The imagery relies heavily on the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel who imagined the exiles returning from Babylonia to a restored Jerusalem and a re-built Temple. Its perfection radiates the glory of God.