A Reflection for the thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Next Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday of the liturgical year. The end is in sight. The journey’s hardest part is often its last. Yes, there is anticipation of conclusion. But also, anxiety. Tired, and running almost on empty I fear not making it across the finishing line

A Reflection for the Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Sadducees, those who deny that there is no resurrection, came forward. Traditionally for us in the Church, November is the month of the Holy Souls and there are many spiritual practices and devotions attached to this time. I recall that, as a young boy, I found some of these devotions to be terrifying.

A Reflection for the Thirty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time

In my work as a hospice chaplain I meet many people who are so grateful for the loving kindness and compassionate care received.  Hospice care is holistic and available to all residents. However, as the Christian values and ethos of the religious sisters...