A Reflection for the Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We have all learnt to pray in some form or other, realising the importance of prayer in our lives. Personally, I learnt to pray in my family, then in the local primary school and, later, when I was in the major seminary.

A Reflection for the twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Try and try again! The story of the widow and the unjust judge is told by Jesus to encourage the apostles to pray continually and not to give up. The widow symbolizes the weak and helpless such as orphans and children. There is no one to defend them. This widow seems to have no family members to help her get justice...

A Reflection for the twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Use of the phrase Thank God was – and still is – so common among our people! Today’s Gospel presents a God who expects GRATITUDE from us, a God who feels disappointment when we are ungrateful.    In the First Reading, Naaman, an Ethiopian leper, returned to thank Elisha, when he was cured in the Jordan river. In the Gospel today other lepers,...