A Reflection for the seventeenth Sunday in ordinary time

There was a game of football which was very close. John, one of the players, had just received a rather nasty bang to the head; he was dizzy and a little disorientated. But he wanted to play on and so he pretended all was well and was allowed to continue. The noise in the stadium was very loud. And what a headache he had! But then the ball was passed to him; he ran with the ball, past one and then another. He didn’t hear the noise of the crowd as he was now so focussed. All those hours, days, weeks, months of hard training – in the rain, in the cold, early in the morning and late into the evening - the circuits, the weights had paid off. It was worth it all.

A Reflection for the sixteenth Sunday in ordinary time

In Kenya there is a great spirit of welcome; often the word of greeting is Karibu meaning welcome. Even the most humble house will always have a welcome and a sharing of the little that the people might have. Jesus was very human. He needed the friendship of Mary and Martha and Lazarus. He could go there and feel at home. He could rest from the crowd and enjoy the friendship of the three who welcomed Him. Maybe in Ireland we have lost that spirit of fáilte and we get so caught in our own agenda and ‘busyness’ that we don’t notice others.

A Reflection for the fifteenth Sunday in ordinary time

Shalom y’all - hospitality on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho As soon as you move outside Jerusalem on the way to Jericho you are very quickly into the Judean desert – an extremely barren, rocky landscape with rolling hills, inhabited nowadays by occasional Bedouin settlements. The first stop on our journey was to view the Wadi Qelt which is a deep and dangerous gorge that runs all the way from Jerusalem to Jericho. The gorge parallels the old Roman road which connected the two towns, and which is the backdrop to the Parable of the Good Samaritan.