A Reflection for the fourteenth Sunday in ordinary time

You cannot spend time in the Holy Land without becoming aware of the tension that exists between Israelis and Palestinians. The absence of peace is palpable in this part of the world where Jesus preached the message of the Peace of God. One of the souvenirs that I brought home with me from time recently spent in Jerusalem was a small plaque which reads Shalom y’all.

A Reflection for the thirteenth Sunday in ordinary time

Today’s Gospel focuses on a mindful awareness of the events of a particular day towards the end of Jesus’ public ministry. On that day Jesus “set his face to go to Jerusalem” where he was to fulfil his destiny. This stage of the journey involved passing through Samaria, a foreign land, and interacting with the residents of two villages within a trans-cultural situation.

A Reflection for the twelfth Sunday in ordinary time

GOD is always bringing us home to ourselves, to others and to our dreams I sometimes ask parents at a baptism how often they bless and pray for their children. When they stop to think about it they are amazed that every day they do so innumerable times.