A Reflection for the eleventh Sunday in ordinary time

Some years ago while I was working in Italy, I was asked to celebrate Mass, one weekend, near Napoli at what I thought was a retreat centre. When I arrived at the centre, I parked my car and went looking for the priest in charge. As I was walking past the church a woman at the door called me over and started to talk to me very fast in Italian - I found it impossible to keep up with her. She kept talking no stop for at least 10-15 minutes until the priest in charge of the centre turned up and she walked off.

A Reflection for the tenth Sunday in ordinary time

A number of years ago I was on a long car journey in Ethiopia. I passed through a town and noticed a crowd had gathered at the side of the road. An accident had occurred. A mother and her young son had been trampled very badly by a runaway horse. I stopped the car and rushed the injured pair and some relatives and friends to the nearest hospital. Shortly afterwards the mother died. We all watched her son go into the operating theatre.

A Reflection for the feast of Corpus Christi

Bartholomeo made his way every morning on his catechist’s bicycle to early morning Mass.No one knew his exact age. The guess was that he was in his seventies. He had been parish catechist for as long as anyone could remember. He lived some miles away and the way to the parish centre was not easy along the highland paths of Kikuyu country some forty miles...