A Reflection for the feast of Corpus Christi

Bartholomeo made his way every morning on his catechist’s bicycle to early morning Mass.No one knew his exact age. The guess was that he was in his seventies. He had been parish catechist for as long as anyone could remember. He lived some miles away and the way to the parish centre was not easy along the highland paths of Kikuyu country some forty miles...

A Reflection for the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

Even for many devout Christians belief in the Trinity seems remote and irrelevant to the modern mind. Since we know about the Trinity only as revealed by God, it follows that the modern mind is not the norm of truth, but rather the word of God by and in Christ's Word as handed on (tradition) by his disciples, the bishops, priests and believing faithful. So all believers must be traditionalists.

A Reflection for Pentecost Sunday

This year I will be celebrating Pentecost in a place called ‘An Tobar’, at Ardbraccan just outside Navan. It is a beautiful place with a long history of service to the local community and beyond, particularly to the most marginalised. I came here four months ago as part of a new mission initiative by the Irish Spiritans to create new welcoming spaces as a small response, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to the faith challenges of a changing Ireland.