A Reflection for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The General Chapter of the Spiritans in Bagamoyo drew attention to how we understand mission today. This is clear in Spiritan Rule of Life Nº4: the evangelisation of the “poor” is our purpose. (cf. Luke 4:18) Therefore we go especially to peoples, groups and individuals who have not yet heard the message of the Gospel or who have scarcely heard it, to those whose needs are the greatest, and to the oppressed.

A Reflection for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

I have sat through the story of the Wedding Feast of Cana at more weddings than I can remember. For years I never went beyond commenting on how good Jesus was to go to the wedding, how his presence sanctified the occasion and how obliging he was when the wine ran out. Perhaps I would wonder why he spoke to His mother the way he did! Now and again I would try to work out how many bottles the six stone water jars would yield!

A Reflection for the Feast of the Baptism of the lord

The Bible, like most wise heads, tells us not to judge by appearances; sometimes it’s hard not to. A central character in the reading for this Sunday is John the Baptist who was indeed judged by appearances. It helped that his actions mirrored his appearance. The big question for the people at the time and for many people afterwards was whether or not John was the Messiah. He certainly looked the part, ‘talked the talk’ and acted the part. And he died a martyr’s death.