A Reflection for the First Sunday of Lent

Lent may not be taken as seriously as it once was. But for someone who wants to commit to the Christian way of life it has huge significance. That significance comes from today’s gospel which tells us of the fact that Christ, as he was about to embark on his life’s work to bring the good news to all, prepared himself by going into the desert to pray, fast and reflect.

A Reflection for 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time

When I was working inTaiwan, a group from our parish visited an enclosed convent of sisters. The sisters came across as very humble, joyful and, above all, prayerful. An atmosphere of peace, joy and prayer filled the air.strongly encouraging a trip into St Luke’s Gospel.

A Reflection for 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Can I suggest you treat yourself to a pre-Lenten delight? Commendable as it may be, I am not thinking of a meal in Neven Maguire’s famous restaurant in Co. Cavan or a few days on a sun holiday to help ease away the cold and darkness of recent months. Instead I am strongly encouraging a trip into St Luke’s Gospel.