A Reflection for the Third Sunday of Easter

As I write this reflection, Pope Francis has just become the successor of Peter. The gospel today is all about the man himself and his role of leadership and pastoral care in the early church. When John’s community looked out on their world they faced many problems. Would the message of Jesus survive in a hostile world? Roman and Jewish? Why was the Risen Lord not returning in glory as the early Christians believed? What would happen now that the apostles - the first generation of leaders - died? Why was the enthusiasm of the early followers waning? Why were factions and divisions emerging? What were the essentials for the followers of Jesus Christ?

A Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter

The Bible is the story of Jesus and it is our story. If we do not find our story in the Scriptures, then the word of God remains outside of us. Our stories, at their deepest level, are the stories of the Paschal Mystery – stories from death to life. The resurrection of Jesus is personal and for NOW.

Two Reflections for Easter Sunday

An Easter Candle Glowing in the dawn light; Our home-made oratory, A little upper room... // Will the sun dance this Easter morning 2013? The joy of Easter morning brings much needed hope to a world beset by many challenges: hunger, poverty, drought, flooding, unemployment, ill-health, disease, violence and war...