A Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

We all know that feeling of joy that surfaces when a good friend takes time to visit us. I have one particular memory of a close first-cousin who surprised me with a visit when I was working in Zambia some years ago. She arrived on my doorstep unannounced – unannounced to me that is! Everybody else knew that she was coming and had arranged that when she would surprise me I would be freed up from parish commitments to be able to have quality time with her.

A Reflection for the Third Sunday of Advent

The poorest person in the Christmas story is the innkeeper who said ‘no, there is no room in my inn’. He gets left out of all the wonderful happenings: the chance to see the new-born king; an encounter with Mary the Mother of God and Joseph the foster father of Jesus, the excitement of the shepherds and hearing all about the angels.

A Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent Luke 3:1-6

The area of Umburanas is situated in the semi-desert region of the North-East of Brazil. When the Little Sisters of the Assumption first went there, there was a chronic shortage of clean drinking water both in the town and in the rural villages. The water system in the town had been privatized shortly beforehand, and was owned by the Town Mayor’s family. Most of the poorer families of the town had no water as they could not afford to pay the constantly increasing water charge, so their supply was cut off. A public meeting was held organized by the missionaries, and a small group of concerned people formed a Water Commission to try to do something. The majority were afraid to get involved as it might be seen that they were ‘against the Mayor’.