A Reflection for the Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time

When Jesus “set his face towards Jerusalem”, he was setting out on the final leg of the journey to establish the “Kingdom of God” In today’s Gospel we see his passion, his yearning to lay down his life so that the Kingdom would be born. His goal was to make the Father’s dream a reality, to make it possible.

A Reflection for the Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

During my four years in Rome as the Spiritans’ General Secretary from 2013, I visited the catacombs of St. Callixtus many times. Just on the edge of these catacombs is a small church. It is there to mark the spot where allegedly Peter, fleeing Rome after the crucifixion of Jesus, encountered the risen Jesus heading back towards the city.

A Reflection for the Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Storage, by Mary Oliver - When I moved from one house to another there were many things I had no room for. What does one do? I rented a storage space. And filled it. Years passed. Occasionally I went there and looked in but nothing happened, not a single twinge of the heart. As I grew older the things I cared about grew fewer, but were more important. So one day I undid the lock and called the trash man. He took everything. I felt like the little donkey when his burden is finally lifted. Things! Burn them, burn them! Make a beautiful fire! More room in your heart for love, for the trees! For the birds who own nothing – the reason they can fly.