A Reflection for the twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Use of the phrase Thank God was – and still is – so common among our people! Today’s Gospel presents a God who expects GRATITUDE from us, a God who feels disappointment when we are ungrateful.    In the First Reading, Naaman, an Ethiopian leper, returned to thank Elisha, when he was cured in the Jordan river. In the Gospel today other lepers,...

A Reflection for the twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

The disciples ask “Lord, increase our faith”. They made this request after Jesus had told them to forgive. “If he (your brother) wrongs you seven times in one day ... you should forgive him.” They realized that to be able to forgive like this they were going to need help. They were going to have to live like Jesus and trust like Jesus.

A Reflection for the Twenty-Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Feast of Michael the Archangel Have you ever listened to a child talking about his or her guardian angel? I have. During my recent vacation in Sierra Leone, I went to celebrate Mass one morning. I was getting ready when a boy aged 9 came into the sacristy with an infectious smile. I smiled back, nodded. and we shook hands. 'Michael is my name, and you?'