A Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Easter and A Day of Prayer for Vocations

This Sunday we celebrate a day of special prayer for vocations to the work of service in the Church. In the community where I live, one confrère recalls being one of a group of 72 who joined our congregation in 1943.

A Reflection for the Third Sunday of Easter

When one of our heroes dies we feel the loss, and struggle with many questions. I had that forlorn experience a few weeks ago on hearing of the untimely death of the quiet and very gifted musician Liam Óg O’Flynn, who spoke so elegantly to us through the pipes.

A Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter

Enter ‘Doubting Thomas’ in the Easter drama. On this the Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday), the Apostle Thomas stakes his claim in the Gospel story, and his name echoes down the ages in Christian literature, drama, art and theology. He demands the evidence before accepting the claims of the women that the crucified Lord had risen and that Jesus was seen by the Apostles.