A Reflection for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel sounds odd at first. Is Jesus praising dishonesty? No, Jesus was speaking to people in a different time when it was lawful for a steward to make profit on the transactions that he carried out for his employer. So, what Jesus is praising is not whatever wrongdoing and cheating the steward had done to his master but his cuteness...

A Reflection for the Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today’s readings challenge us to re-think our way of being.   Humanity can limit our relationship with God. If we continue to believe that we are always right in our attitude to others without praying for enlightenment, we will live with resentment. We must listen to the word of God to discover where we are being called to change.

A Reflection for the Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

In our gospel reading today Jesus reminds us of what is required to be a true disciple. We have a choice of true discipleship by how we react to people as we live our own lives. We must dedicate our lives to accepting our crosses with patience and forbearance as we journey.