A Reflection for the Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

I am the bread of life. Once where I worked I frequented a beautiful bakery which had lovely breads and cakes. After a few years, the bakery closed when the only family member who had baking skills retired. The bakery was replaced by a law firm, litigation being more lucrative in ‘Celtic Tiger’ Ireland! I was sad to see the bakery close, but my appetite for bread and cakes did not abate.

A Reflection for the Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Jesus is the pinnacle of humanity, that marvellous, seamless blend of divinity and humanity in one person. In all that he is and does, He reflects what it means to be in a profound and intimate relationship with God. His core message to us is simple: we are invited to see, know and respond to God as he does, to find life and meaning in God as he does.

A Reflection for the Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

To go to read different Jewish and Christian sacred texts is to ask God to be with us. We do that explicitly and willingly, and welcome whatsoever follows. We begin with a prophet, Jeremiah, sharing the message he channels for us from God: God making clear His personal and individual attention for each one in each moment in life. Should HIS appointed and voluntary agents ...