A Reflection for Easter Sunday

One Christmas Eve I was early for the community morning prayer. Then as my mobile rang my immediate reaction to myself was “Can’t they leave me alone on the day that is in it? The voice says “Come over to the hospital now; it’s urgent and John [not his real name] may not live”. It was the voice of a relative. I rushed over arriving just as the door of the ambulance was closing.

A Reflection for Palm Sunday

Jesus enters Jerusalem sitting on a donkey, as the humble Messiah described in the prophet Zechariah, but the people acclaim him as the Son of David. Now David was a warrior. Do the people understand what kind of Messiah Jesus is?

A Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Lent

What is needed to die within myself? What was the magic recipe in being free to acknowledge the Author of Life, the Creator of Creation? When I was a child, I could never have imagined how my world was going to unfold. From my earliest years and in the most unconventional manner, I dared to welcome voices within myself that would lead me to only God knew where.