A Reflection for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

On regular visits to the west of Ireland I see lake and sea in their various moods: sometimes calm water disturbed only by the hidden, rhythmic paddling of a graceful swan, its only purpose at that moment seeming to be ‘just to be’; at other times, raging sea waves toss large stones inland with Goliathan effort.

A Reflection for the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time Jn.1:35-42

Words like ‘migrant,’ ‘asylum-seeker,’ ‘refugee,’ cover over such underlying realities as forced exile, families torn apart, violence, torture, war and a long list of ravages and atrocities. This is what we humans do to each other.

A Reflection for the Epiphany of the Lord

You did not stand out from the crowd, Jesus! You were mingling with the riff-raff who gathered on the banks of the Jordan - the local sinners who came looking for cleansing, hope and a new beginning. You were a neighbour, a worker, the bread-winner.