A Reflection for The Ascension

When I was in Kimmage Manor as a student priest, the Seminary Year’s closing ceremony, its liturgy focused on the Consecration to the Apostolate, was always something special. Those ordained a year earlier were keen to hear of their missionary...

A Reflection for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

Today Jesus tells us in the Gospel: “Love one another as I have loved you. What I command you is to love one another. Remain in my love”. Is love not the greatest of all themes in life, in literature, in human history? We use the word so much. Yet it has so many meanings, it is used in so many different contexts.

A Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

Today’s Gospel was very important to me at a certain time in my life. I was going through a difficult time – God seemed very far away. Was He, or She, really there and, if so, where and how? What was He / She doing about suffering and natural disasters etc?