A Reflection for the thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

As a theology student with the Spiritans in the 1970s, I wanted to spend time exploring the Church's teaching on 'the last things'. Such a desire in a young man might have seemed odd, perhaps even a bit macabre. But it was important to me to know what the Church was saying about these ultimate questions.

A Reflection for the thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

One of the deepest experiences I have here in Pakistan is of being part of a struggling minority. In so many ways we are on the margins of society. It enables me to see things from the bottom upwards. This is spiritually helpful but the question remains of how to deal with domination.

A Reflection for the thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

The odour reaches me first - pungent with neglect like flower scum dried up in a dusty vase. Acrid urine mixes with a musky skin scent and the earthy loam crescent under his nails. His hood envelops his head like a duffle bag: only his fleshy lips protrude.