A Reflection for the twenty-first Sunday in ordinary time

Strive to enter the kingdom of God through the narrow gate The ‘narrow gate’ has become very much a cliché in the English language; we ask ourselves about its meaning as it appears in Luke’s Gospel in today’s reading. I have been told so many times that the Kingdom of God is present and the door is open. Is the door so wide that anybody can saunter casually in when s/he wishes? When I was a young boy I was always fascinated with cultures in distant lands, wondering about the lifestyle, the diet, the poverty, the hunger, and so many other realities that were foreign to me. In secondary school I became a member of the local ‘Concern’ group in Lucan, Co. Dublin, primarily raising funds for much-needed projects for the poorest of this world.

A Reflection for the twentieth Sunday in ordinary time

You may have heard the story about Alexander the Great and the beggar-man. On a certain day every subject had right of audience in the court of Alexander the Great, one of the most powerful rulers in history. One day a beggar-man was granted audience. "Give me an alms, sir; just an alms”. "No!" Alexander said to his officials: “Give him the government of 10 cities....” The beggar-man protested: “Just an alms, Sir.” Alexander said: “I have decided. The government of 10 cities it shall be”!

A Reflection for the nineteenth Sunday in ordinary time

Most people have heard of the mighty Niagara Waterfalls. Several tightrope walkers have crossed the Falls from one side to the other with nothing for support except a long pole and the tightrope. One of them decided to do something much more daring and push a person across in a wheelbarrow. He practiced daily with a load of gravel. Someone who had been watching him said,