A Reflection for the nineteenth Sunday in ordinary time

Most people have heard of the mighty Niagara Waterfalls. Several tightrope walkers have crossed the Falls from one side to the other with nothing for support except a long pole and the tightrope. One of them decided to do something much more daring and push a person across in a wheelbarrow. He practiced daily with a load of gravel. Someone who had been watching him said,

A Reflection for the eighteenth Sunday in ordinary time

Today’s gospel challenges us to evaluate our lifestyle and the accumulation of goods. Mahatma Gandhi was a spiritual and political leader who inspired many with his message of peaceful civil disobedience. I’m sure his simple lifestyle posed many problems in a country where professional people were accustomed to having many servants. Living simply can be a complex business.

A Reflection for the seventeenth Sunday in ordinary time

There was a game of football which was very close. John, one of the players, had just received a rather nasty bang to the head; he was dizzy and a little disorientated. But he wanted to play on and so he pretended all was well and was allowed to continue. The noise in the stadium was very loud. And what a headache he had! But then the ball was passed to him; he ran with the ball, past one and then another. He didn’t hear the noise of the crowd as he was now so focussed. All those hours, days, weeks, months of hard training – in the rain, in the cold, early in the morning and late into the evening - the circuits, the weights had paid off. It was worth it all.