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Irish Spiritan Province. Quarterly Information Bulletin. N°2 (April – June) 2014


New arrivals

Michael Casey C.S.Sp. has returned to Ireland from The Gambia. Fr. Michael was first appointed there in 1967 at a time when all the Gambia’s priests were Irish Spiritans.

Brendan Duggan C.S.Sp., who had previously ministered in East Africa, Germany and Ireland, has returned to Ireland from the United States where he served for over 10 years.

Brendan Hally C.S.Sp. has moved to a parish in California. Fr. Brendan had previously served in educational roles in both Blackrock College and Rockwell College.

Noel Moynihan C.S.Sp. is back in Ireland and will shortly begin a sabbatical.  Fr. Noel, who had spent his early post-ordination years in West Africa, was USA-based since the 1990s.

New roles

Toochukwu-EkwomaduToochukwu Ekwomadu C.S.Sp. (pictured), one of several African Spiritans in Ireland and chaplain to St. Mary’s College, Rathmines, is one of five new members of SPIRASI’s board.
(See http://www.spiritan.ie/2012/uploads/Brochures/Newsletter2-14.pdf)

Edward Grimes C.S.Sp., who served in West Africa for many years – including 17 years in The Gambia – and who is the former National Director of World Missions Ireland has been re-appointed to the NBSCCCI board.  (See http://www.safeguarding.ie/)

Brian O’Toole C.S.Sp., who previously worked in the IMU (See http://www.imu.ie/) and in Ethiopia, has been appointed Manager of the Spiritan Mission Resource & Heritage Centre.  

Jude Lynch C.S.Sp. is the new Provincial Bursar. Fr. Jude served in Sierra Leone and, more recently, as one of several Spiritans in hospital chaplaincy roles in Dublin.

Terry Smith C.S.Sp. is the new Director of Promotions and is currently leading Mission Appeals for the Province in the Archdiocese of Dublin (part) and the Diocese of Dromore.

In Memoriam

JB Doyle C.S.Sp. has died. As a young priest in the 1960s Fr. JB played an active role in relief efforts during Nigeria’s Civil War. He subsequently spent over two decades in Brazil and a shorter period in Rostock in Germany, and was Provincial Bursar until earlier this year. (See http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/missionary-who-risked-his-life-to-help-the-oppressed-1.1800055)PJ-OWENS

P.J. Owens C.S.Sp. – The tragic death in 1984 of 28-year-old P.J. Owens (pictured) was marked in Carracastle in his native Mayo on 28th June with an anniversary Mass.  P.J., who was studying for the priesthood, was ‘prefecting’ in Sierra Leone at the time when he contracted typhoid. He is buried in the Spiritan plot in Bo, Sierra Leone.

Spiritan Mission Forum

(See photos at http://www.spiritan.ie/2012/index.php?id=182)

This year’s Spiritan Mission Forum was held in All Hallows College, Drumcondra from Sunday 22nd to Tuesday 24th June. A key element of the Forum was the participation of over 50 Spiritan associates, confrères and co-workers. The attendance included:

Pat Clarke C.S.Sp. – Fr. Pat has ministered in Brazil since 1976.  He became a Freeman of Sâo Paulo in 2009 in recognition of his long-standing work in the favelas of Vila Prudente.

Peter Conaty C.S.Sp. – Fr. Peter has served in Ireland and Mexico, is the Director of Formation and Delegate for Education, and is community leader in Ardbraccan, Co. Meath. 
(See http://www.spiritan.ie/2012/uploads/newsletters/Summer%202013%20Newsletter.pdf)

Pat Coughlan C.S.Sp.  – Fr. Pat is Director of the Newlands Institute for Counselling, set up by the Spiritans in 1992. He is also actively involved in SPIRASI. (See www.spirasi.ie )

Jane Ferguson – Jane is the Support Person in the Spiritan Safeguarding Office. She and the Designated Liaison Person, Liam Lally, have led the recent revision of safeguarding policies in the Province.

Paddy Moran C.S.Sp. – Fr. Paddy, who begins a sabbatical with the Spiritans in Canada in July 2014, has served in Ethiopia for some 10 years including in prison ministry.   
(See also

Marino Nguekam C.S.Sp. – Fr. Marino’s first Spiritan appointment was to Bawnogue, one of two Spiritan-led parishes in Clondalkin in West Dublin. 
(See also

Connie O’Halloran – Connie is the Province’s Overseas Development Officer. Spiritans are active in development work in Angola, Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Moçambique.  

Colm Reidy C.S.Sp. – Fr. Colm is based in St. Antonio parish, Dundo in Angola. He first went to Angola in 1983.  He has also served on the Provincial Leadership Team.

Marc Whelan C.S.Sp. – Fr. Marc was elected Provincial in 2012. Having gained pastoral experience in Ghana, he spent 12 years in formation roles before returning to Ireland in 2008.

Tom Whelan C.S.Sp. – Fr. Tom, a former President of the Kimmage Mission Institute, is Rector of the Ecclesiastical Faculty and Acting President of Milltown Institute. (See also http://www.spiritan.ie/2012/uploads/newsletters/Winter%202013,%20Spring%202014%20colour%20newsletter.pdf)


Jesus says “come to me” and I think it is worthwhile to think about this “me”.  Where is this “me” to be found?  (See http://www.spiritan.ie/2012/index.php?id=178)  


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