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Spiritan (Holy Ghost) Annual Raffle 2020

The Raffle was very successful and the Congregation of the Holy Spirit takes this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your generosity, your support and your interest.

Letter from Brazil – 24th May 2020
Brendan Foley C.S.Sp.

In national lockdown progressively since March, we are awaiting official news from the authorities of São Paulo State, where most Irish Spiritan confrères are based, as Brazil faces the expected peak of the virus from now ’til early June. The daily death toll now exceeds 1,000 even as official numbers don’t tell the reality on the ground and an almost collapsed health system directly excludes the poor.

Note from the Bishops of the Brazilian Amazon on the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on the Population and the Rainforest

You must label the economic operations that damage the Amazon with their proper name: injustice and crime" "You must be indignant." (Pope Francis - Querida Amazônia) We, the Bishops of the Amazon, in the face of the uncontrolled advance of COVID-19 across Brazil, especially in the Amazon...

Mission Appeals 2020

In 2019 the Spiritans (Holy Ghost Missions) held Mission Appeals throughout the Diocese of Ardagh & Clomacnoise, and in Area 2 of the Archdiocese of Dublin. Our thanks to all who generously supported our appeals.

Spiritan who served in Nigeria in the 1960s re-visits former parishes

It was in Nigeria in 1966, the year after his ordination, that Michael Walsh C.S.Sp., (pictured) began his long service to date as a missionary priest. He first arrived in the west African country not long before the beginning of its civil war, known to many as ‘The Biafran War’. After leaving Nigeria, he was one of a group of Irish Spiritans who moved to open up the congregation’s first-ever mission in Zambia in 1971 and he continues to serve in the southern African country to this day.