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Notification of Upcoming Safeguarding Review For The Irish Spiritan Province


Following the Ferns, Dublin and Cloyne reports the Irish State and public have sought complete disclosure on the part of all the dioceses and institutions of the Catholic Church inIreland as to the reality of the sexual abuse of children and minors by clergy, religious or church workers.

Catholic dioceses, religious congregations and institutions have responded positively to this desire of the State and public, believing that until a complete picture is known of past and present abuse, within the Church, there can be no possibility of authentic accountability or renewal for the future.

An independent and objective audit is of primary importance for the State and Irish public. In the three reports mentioned above, the State undertook the investigation and was responsible for the published audit. The State, at this time, recognises the competency and independence of the NBSCCCI (National Board for Safeguarding of Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland) and entrusts to it the task of completing the audits of remaining dioceses, religious congregations and other Catholic institutions. In November 2011 the first audits by the NBSCCCI were completed for the Dioceses of Ardagh and Clonmacnois,Derry, Dromore, Kilmore, Raphoe and Tuam.

The Spiritan Congregation in Ireland has requested to be audited. The present Provincial Leadership Team, supported by the recent Provincial Chapter, believe that only a public audit of the reality of abuse committed by Spiritans can free the Congregation to carry out its mission of service among God’s people here in Ireland and overseas. That mission, today, includes the Congregation’s outreach to those who were abused.

This notice is to inform Spiritan membership, their co-workers, their associates, their pastoral and educational institutes, their development and community works and the public at large that an audit will be carried out in early May 2012. The audit report will be published at a later date to be agreed by the other dioceses and congregations in the same tranche of audits.

Should you need any further information in regard to the audit or wish to make comment either to the Spiritans or to the NBSCCCI in respect of it you may contact:


  • NBSCCCI through their Office at Maynooth (01)5053124 or through their website www.safeguarding.ie
Child Protection Policy Document Available By Clicking Here

Brendan Carr C.S.Sp.,

Delegate for Safeguarding Children.