The Horror of it all.
Edward Flynn C.S.Sp.

No, I’m not talking about Covid-19, which has invaded our shores and our minds for several weeks now. I’m thinking rather of Obstetric Fistula which is truly a horror for those women, mostly in South Asia and Africa who live with it. Some wait, for as many as 15, 30 or even 40 years before they have a repair operation.

Spiritans who died in January – April 2020

Eight Irish Spiritans who died in the period January-April 2020 : Fr Frank Caffrey, Fr Jim Corry, Fr Noel Cox, Fr Colum Cunningham, Fr Séamus Galvin, Fr Ed Grimes, Fr Jim McDonnell and Fr Brendan Smyth

An Easter like no other - except perhaps the very first Easter!
Seán O’Leary C.S.Sp.

Taiwan, like the rest of the world, has had to deal with the disruption and chaos brought by COVID-19. In an atmosphere of anxiety and fear, two Catholic dioceses cancelled all public services. We are blessed that our bishop decided to keep churches in our diocese open, conditional on strict guidelines on both the safety of the congregation and control of the spread of the virus. It is strange to see everyone, priests and the faithful, get their temperature taken at the church door, keeping a distance from each other during the Mass, wearing face-masks and sanitising hands before receiving communion. One gets a real sense that we are living in strange and anxious times.

Six Irish Spiritans attend February / March 2020 meetings in Rome

The Congregation has just completed its two-week meeting in Rome for confrères who had been appointed to leadership roles during the last two years. Nineteen confrères from across the world were joined by members of the General Council and Generalate Team in Rome and, for particular parts of the meeting, by others with specific inputs to give on areas such as Overseas Development.

Spiritan who served in Nigeria in the 1960s re-visits former parishes

It was in Nigeria in 1966, the year after his ordination, that Michael Walsh C.S.Sp., (pictured) began his long service to date as a missionary priest. He first arrived in the west African country not long before the beginning of its civil war, known to many as ‘The Biafran War’. After leaving Nigeria, he was one of a group of Irish Spiritans who moved to open up the congregation’s first-ever mission in Zambia in 1971 and he continues to serve in the southern African country to this day.