Cyclone Idai
John Kingston* C.S.Sp.
in Moçambique April 2019

Devastation Driving from Chimoio to Beira a few days ago we were going in the opposite direction to that of Cyclone Idai three weeks previously. As we advanced, the results of the cyclone were increasingly dramatic. Nyamatanda district was devastated by large volumes of water which cut the main (only) road in four places. Here many people died, some trying to wade through the flow of water. National Road N°6 had taken ten days to re-open. Supplies to a huge area of southern Africa stopped flowing.

Five Irish Spiritans who died in the period January-April 2019

Five Irish Spiritans who died in the period January-April 2019 : Fr. Séamus Fleming C.S.Sp.; Fr. Frank Laverty C.S.Sp.; Fr. Gerry Gogan C.S.Sp.; Fr. Jimmy Morrow C.S.Sp.; Fr. Pat Whelan C.S.Sp.

The Easter Triduum Seán Goan (Co-ordinator of Spiritan Mission Ireland)

Holy Week – what’s so holy about a story of betrayal, denial, trumped-up charges, mockery, cruel beatings and a barbarous execution? As we enter the Easter Triduum, we would do well to create a space where the scandal of what unfolds in these days can really hit us. Our engagement with the liturgy can be sanitised by our thinking that, since everything that happens is part of God’s plan or represents the “fulfilment of Scripture”, then it is just a mystery to be accepted in faith. We can be passive observers of the rolling out of the plan whereby Jesus had to die on the cross so that the gates of heaven might be opened to repentant sinners. However, the liturgy of these days and the Scripture at the heart of the Triduum would have us confront this scandal and understand it differently.

Paris Marathon, Sunday 14th April 2019 Ronan Barry, Identity, Faith and Mission Office, SET

A team of four, comprising Ronan Barry (SET), Adam Puszczewicz  (Willow Park / Blackrock College, James Keating (Rockwell College) and Fr. Calvin Massawe (French Province) will take part in this year’s Paris Marathon. The team’s fundraising efforts are for Barpello High School (BHS) in the drought- and famine-prone East Pokot region of Kenya which has a Spiritan presence since 1980.

Dublin’s Lord Mayor visits St. Michael’s College

On Thursday January 24th, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, Lord Mayor Nial Ring (pictured with Duquesne in Dublin students and staff) paid a visit to the primary, secondary and third-level facilities in St. Michael’s College. The Lord Mayor spoke briefly about how important it was that we all take time out for ourselves each day and focus on what we're grateful for.