Some thoughts on the recent nomination of 17 new Cardinals ~ Marc Whelan C.S.Sp.

Asked what his elevation as Cardinal meant, Archbishop Maurice E. Piat C.S.Sp. from Mauritius said that it was not about himself but a sign of Pope Francis’ attention and love for the little ones. For the Church in Mauritius, “a small church in a small island”, this is an honour.

Three Spiritans complete their year of studies and say Slán to Ireland. June 2016

Three visiting Spiritan priests, who spent the 2015 – 2016 academic year in Dublin, have now completed the renewal programme offered by Loreto House ( http://www.loretohouse.com/ ). The programme addressed areas such as Community Building & Group Work, Human Development, Formation and Leadership, Ministry, Spirituality and Theology.

Orientation and Acculturation Course for Pastoral Ministry Workers June 2016

The first of a series of Orientation and Acculturation courses for pastoral ministry workers in Ireland has been completed in Kimmage Development Studies Centre (KDSC / http://kimmagedsc.ie/ ). Participants included twelve priests – including three Spiritans* - two sisters and one brother (pictured) from Africa, Asia and South America who are working in various roles in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Roscommon, Longford, Sligo and Tipperary.

Looking back on two years spent in the Irish Province

Looking back on two years spent in the Irish Province Maria Jésus de Souza, Spiritan Lay Missionary and Associate First impressions I arrived in Dublin on 19th February 2014. Though it was grey, rainy and cold, my desire to stay in Ireland, to meet people and to learn English warmed my heart. Made very welcome and experiencing so many kindnesses...

Letter from the Provincialate – June 2016 Missionaries are evangelization heroes*.

On a lovely afternoon on 24th May I was at one of the largest gatherings that I have seen taking place in the Upper Room in Kimmage. Bringing together associates, confrères, co-workers and staff, the occasion was to celebrate the life and mission of four confrères: James Duncan, Paddy Foley, Pat Murphy and Paddy M. Ryan.