Ministry in the Archives*

Margaret Bluett, Archives Assistant I am now in the third year of my “mission appointment” in Kimmage, in the Spiritan Mission Resource & Heritage Centre. Being the first lay person to work here and not having known my way around the Spiritans before-hand, I found myself on a steep learning curve into a unique history, culture, use of language and way of doing business.

Appointment of Co-ordinator of Spiritan Mission Animation Ireland

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Seán Goan (left) to the new role of Co-ordinator of Spiritan Mission Animation Ireland. Working for the last twenty-five years in Blackrock College, Seán has been a class teacher (Religion and Spanish), head of the Religion Department...

Spiritans in South Sudan

Help and protection From the highs of independence in 2011, the people of South Sudan have been left with a “failed state” and the promise of more violence to come. The main conflict is between the two largest ethnic groups: the Dinka and the Nuer, but smaller ethnic groups are now being pulled into the conflict. In this situation people tend to turn to their churches for help and protection, and as the Catholic Church continues to be one of the few institutions that is still functioning quite well in the country, we have an important role to play in bringing hope and material help to the people.

Grateful to have had over 60 years as a missionary priest!

As my 90th birthday fast approaches and as I continue to minister in a parish in West Dublin, I want to share the gratitude that fills my heart for the life that I have lived so far as a Spiritan (Holy Ghost) missionary priest.

One Spiritan missionary’s life to date!

rom school talk to mission in Brazil A visiting Spiritan (Holy Ghost) priest “gave one talk, for an hour” in Dublin’s Synge St. CBS where a young Phil Doyle was a student. Phil was interested in “the missions” from that day and corresponded with the priest. However, his mother opened