Job Description Co-ordinator of Spiritan Mission Animation - Ireland

Reporting to the Spiritan Mission Animation – Ireland Committee of Management (SMA-I CoM), the Co-ordinator of Spiritan Mission Animation (CoSMA-I):

  • Exercises a key operational role within Spiritan Mission Animation – Ireland (SMA-I);
  • Reports to the SMA-I CoM;
  • Is charged with liaising and facilitating communication between the various services and coordinating their mission engagement in Ireland;
  • Seeks to facilitate the creation of new spaces for Spiritan mission in Ireland, while also promoting the development of existing ones in keeping with the vision outlined by the Provincial Chapter.


Initially the CoSMA-I will:

  • Initiate a process of consultation with the various Spiritan works services and services with the aim of developing a 3-5-year Strategic Plan for SMA-I;
  • On the basis of the consultation, develop a plan and submit it to the SMA-I CoM for approval;
  • Begin establishing an office which is capable of administering SMA-I and of supporting the various services it offers.


On an ongoing basis the CoSMA-I will:

  • Run the SMA-I office efficiently, ensuring best practice is followed in all work aspects;
  • Organise and support the development of strategic and operational activities in the area of mission engagement;
  • Support and administer related orientation and training programmes for staff in Spiritan initiatives;
  • Liaise with partners, including the Spiritan Safeguarding Office, to support Spiritan Mission engagement across the faith-based sector and with those open to working with this sector;
  • Coordinate and maintain effective relationships with a range of people within established Spiritan agencies and bodies (e.g. Spiritan Education Trust, KimmageDSC, SPIRASI) and with those in pastoral ministry.

Relationship with the SMA-I CoM - The CoSMA-I will:

  • Maintain regular contact with the SMA-I CoM chairperson;
  • Present a written report on operational matters to each SMA-I CoM meeting;
  • Attend each SMA-I CoM meeting for a period specified by the chairperson so as to provide direct briefings on issues arising, and to engage with the SMA-I CoM on ideas and proposals that further the objectives of SMA-I;
  • Draw up and submit to the SMAI-CoM an annual report detailing and evaluating all aspects of the work and the functioning of the office, including the initiatives taken and the challenges to be faced;
  • Draw up and submit to the SMAI-CoM for approval an annual budget for the running of the office. 


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