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Ministry in the Archives*

Margaret Bluett, Archives Assistant 

Margaret BluettI am now in the third year of my “mission appointment” in Kimmage, in the Spiritan Mission Resource & Heritage Centre. Being the first lay person to work here and not having known my way around the Spiritans before-hand, I found myself on a steep learning curve into a unique history, culture, use of language and way of doing business. 

It is clear to me that, without archives, many stories would be lost and, along with these, vital clues that would allow us to reflect and interpret our lives today. As the day-to-day work continues and as tasks stretch out ahead of us, it’s good to remember the words of William James, the long-deceased American philosopher and psychologist: 

The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it. 

* See Glowing Embers, Issue N° 3, May 2017 from which the above is adapted.