Reflections 2nd July 2017

A Reflection for the Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mt: 10:37-42 (

God sent Jesus on mission that ‘the world might believe that you have sent me’.

This mission of Jesus is far from complete, and is carried on by many disciples in family, work and community. Each disciple in his or her own task may be helped by others.

Some give to the mission by going themselves. Others become involved in the mission of Christ by giving support to disciples. The simplest, the easiest or the smallest gift is of value as ‘the cup of cold water’ given to a disciple will have its reward.

One does not support a disciple for the reward itself, as it is in giving that we receive, but there is a reward. We are reminded that our good deeds accompany us when we finally pass to the Lord of Life. 

Many disciples experience misunderstanding, trials or derision. There may be rejection, opposition or even hostility from within their own families as in their mission they appear as ‘sheep among wolves’.

There are many ways of ‘offering the cup of cold water’ as by this support one shares in the ministry of the disciple. The teaching and the witness of the disciple can be assisted by prayer and sacrifice and offering of personal suffering. It may be simply the kind word of encouragement by phone, letter or e-mail. I can be creative in my choice of support. 

Who will be the disciple to whom I give a ‘cup of cold water’ this week?

Ed Grimes C.S.Sp. – Fr. Ed spent many years on mission in west Africa.  A canon lawyer and former National Director of World Missions Ireland, he remains a member of the board of the NBSCCI ( and of safeguarding-related committees of the Spiritans in Ireland.