Reflections 9th July 2017

A Reflection for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mt: 11:25-30 (

Very much in demand today are people called “stress counsellors” as people become more conscious of stress and pressure in their lives. Counselling and stress-management have become big business.

In today’s Gospel we have an invitation from Jesus, who understands us better than any counsellor, to come to Him if we are stressed out or overburdened, and His offer is totally free!

Maybe one of the reasons that we don’t consult Him is that we know what He is going to ask us to do, and we are not willing to follow His advice. The reason that we are in trouble in the first place is that we have ignored His advice as to how we should live as followers of His.

He has told us not to hold grudges, not to make possession of material things our main goal in life, to forgive others and to accept forgiveness, and to recognise that we don’t go through life alone as God is with us if we are humble enough to accept His help.

Christ has given us a plan for life: Love God and love your neighbour. When we don’t follow it and think that we know better, our blood pressure goes up and we can’t see the wood for the trees. It takes humility to admit that we don’t have all the answers to life’s problems. Only God has all the answers.

Christ tells us to learn from Him for He is meek and humble of heart. The world sees meekness and humility as weaknesses. Christ was anything but weak. He was very relaxed in doing His Father’s wishes.

If, like Him, we made time for some prayer we wouldn’t be so uptight and stressed out and we would enjoy life as God meant us to!

Phil Doyle C.S.Sp. – Fr. Phil is Priest-in-Residence, St. Brigid’s Parish, Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, Australia. See also