Reflections 13th August 2017

A Reflection for the Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mt: 14:22-33 ( )  

Jesus, in today’s gospel invites Peter to “come”! This was no ordinary invitation to share a meal or to go for a walk along the road. No, it was an invitation to walk on the water towards him. A risky thing to do – a well-nigh impossible thing to do. But Peter, in his enthusiasm to go to his master and friend, steps out of the boat and begins his walk. But not for long; he becomes afraid - the waves are too threatening and he loses trust.

As we walk through life, the invitation from Jesus to come towards him and at times to take difficult or risky steps can be as challenging as that of Peter.” What if…?” can often become so important that we can lose faith and trust just as Peter did?

This coming week we celebrate the feast of the Assumption. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on Mary’s faithfulness and on her trust in the God who called her. The Gospel for the feast tells the story of Mary walking, not on the water, but into the hill country to visit her cousin Elizabeth with whom she needs to share her Good News and the risk she had taken in having said her “Yes”.   

As a member of the Congregation of Little Sisters of the Assumption, I am inspired by this feast and its place in my life. Our congregation’s Rule of Life states that “Mary’s Assumption gives us the certainty that a new world is being prepared; she sustains our hope and gives us the courage to dedicate ourselves with our brothers and sisters in work for the transformation of humanity”.

Carmel Molloy LSA – Sr. Carmel ministers in the Archdiocese of Dublin.