Reflection 3rd December 2017

A Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent

Mk. 13: 33-37 ( )

As a child I enjoyed making model aircraft and ships.  I never made them well and often had to undertake several attempts to get the job done right. However, I was proud of those that I completed. And even the completed ones were not perfect!  

Perhaps because of this I have always liked the image of God as a potter not giving up on the misshapen aspects of life but re-modelling, recalling, re-making us, enjoying the process of interacting with us and longing to bring us to perfection. 

Be on your guard. Stay awake.  In the past I considered those words to be a warning to make sure things were in order.  Now I see them as encouragement - a call, an invitation.

Our lives are ever more crowded. In the rush and bustle of tasks and social interactions the Master can be forgotten or can seem absent or even gone away. Spiritually I sleepwalk through the layers of activity at times. The call to stay awake is comforting. 

It reminds me that the moment that the Master makes known his presence may come as a surprise. We need our spiritual eyes to notice the moment of invitation and opportunity that come our way. Being aware of the moment allows us to open our hearts to be re-modelled.

Today is a reminder to look out for the presence of the master potter in the midst of life’s whirlwind of activity. It is only he can re-shape the clay of our life to fulfilment.

Be on your guard.  Stay awake, lest we miss the opportunity to be refreshed and renewed.

Mr. Eoin Winters – Eoin is a Religious Education / Religious Studies teacher at O’Carolan College, Nobber, Co Meath.