Reflections 7th January 2018

A Reflection for the Epiphany of the Lord

Mt 2: 1-12 ( )

You did not stand out from the crowd, Jesus! You were mingling with the riff-raff who gathered on the banks of the Jordan - the local sinners who came looking for cleansing, hope and a new beginning.

You were a neighbour, a worker, the bread-winner. A lot of people knew you.  You were a regular guy.  I could identify with you; you were one of us.

But you weren’t, were you?  There was more to you than met the eye.  There was a life in you that the local villagers were not aware of.

And you had to go and be different; let your true self shine forth.  Why did you have to go and change things?  Why make life more difficult than it really was?  I was doing nicely, thank you very much, comfortable in my own life, my own world.  I met you in the crowd and you changed me too.

You still mix with people, but you are not the regular Joe.

Jesus, if I let my true self shine forth, can I still remain anonymous in the crowd?

Joe Glynn C.S.Sp. –From Co. Roscommon and ordained in 1976, Fr Joe has worked in West Africa (Ghana and Sierra Leone), and in Ireland. He is currently the Provincial Delegate of the Long Island / San Francisco Regional Community of Spiritans.