Reflections: 14th February 2018

A Reflection for Ash Wednesday

MT 6: 1-6; 16-18 ( ) 

Our third grandchild came into the world three years ago on the second day of Lent. There were no difficulties with his delivery and, to our delight, mother and baby came home that afternoon. Our son insisted that both families get together for a meal in the evening. He would cook but we might bring the wine!

That celebration in their little home, mother and baby snuggled up, brother and sister fascinated by this tiny body, and young father showing off his very own family will stay with me forever.

The previous day, Ash Wednesday, had been special. Helping to distribute ashes brought blessing to me. Eye contact and touch, making the Sign of the Cross with palm ash on foreheads, seeing reverence and holiness and trust, knowing that this ritual is centuries old. The words spoken in the blessing in whichever form sum up our belief and our human existence.

One week after the birth of his third child our son died suddenly while playing soccer. Life on earth a tiny blink in time.

I am consoled in the belief that “We are all made from the ashes of dead stars and all of creation is a continuum in the presence of God who is beyond imagination”.

Katherine O’Malley– Katherine is a parishioner at Kimmage Manor Parish.