Reflections: 25th February 2018

A Reflection for the Second Sunday of Lent

MK 9: 2-10 ( )

As we journey towards the Easter Sacraments, we are on a pilgrimage of renewal. We journey with Jesus Christ, who gives meaning to our lives and has claimed us for himself in baptism. 

Through prayer, fasting and alms-giving Lent affords us an opportunity to ‘put our house in order’. It teaches us that the road to heaven is through this valley of tears, through the daily chores of work and through putting up with the everyday frustrations and disappointments of living. 

Lent also teaches us that we are not alone. Christ has laid his hands on us and said, “Get up, do not be afraid.”

Our Gospel of this weekend relates an extraordinary occurrence: the Transfiguration of Jesus. His three close friends - Peter, James and John - were allowed to glimpse the glory of Jesus. In a sense the apostles get a sneak preview of the reality that Jesus is the Christ. Jesus begins to reveal the Paschal Mystery. He will be led through suffering to joy, through humiliation to exaltation, and through death to life.

The message that the apostles hear from the cloud is an active command: Listen to Jesus. The invitation is to trust the way of life of Jesus. Listen to Jesus, follow him and risk all.

We began our life in Christ at baptism. After water was poured on our heads as infants or as adults, a white cloth was offered as a reminder that we had become like Jesus in his transfiguration.

As the transfiguration of Jesus was but a prelude to his resurrection, so baptism directs us to a future event. That event is our sharing in Christ’s resurrection. Our baptism calls us to let the glory of God shine through us so that others can catch a glimpse of that glory.

Joe Glynn C.S.Sp. –  Fr. Joe has ministered in Sierra Leone, and in formation ministry in both Ghana and Ireland. Resident in California, he is the current regional delegate of the Irish Province in north America.