Reflections: 1st April 2018

A Reflection for Easter Sunday

Mk 16:1-7 ( ) 

One Christmas Eve I was early for the community morning prayer. Then as my mobile rang my immediate reaction to myself was “Can’t they leave me alone on the day that is in it? The voice says “Come over to the hospital now; it’s urgent and John [not his real name] may not live”. It was the voice of a relative. I rushed over arriving just as the door of the ambulance was closing.

I was told that they were moving John to another hospital as his condition was serious. It was not possible to ask “What happened? When? Where? How?”

Later, at a calmer moment, I learned that John had come home late one night, fallen from a window and was found hours later covered in blood. At first his family thought that he had been attacked but then realised that an upstairs window had been open.

John was in an induced coma for six weeks. It is a Christmas that I will never forget. Then there was the very slow recovery, speech, stimuli, response, walking.

Years later I was celebrating the golden jubilee of my Ordination; as a way of thanksgiving I decided to include John in the celebration. That morning, up to my eyes in last-minute preparations, my phone rang. “Oh, not now”, I murmured inwardly and the voice said “ Look.  I am terribly sorry; You know how hard it was for me to get employment. Now I have a job and I just can’t get time off to-day. I was taken on as a favour and I am very sorry that I won’ be able to attend”.

John settled down well and married. Recently, my mobile rang again and I recognised his voice. “I am a father now and I would like you to baptise our baby”. I congratulated him and asked when. the baptism would be? “Well, the family will be here from overseas and the 1st. of April would suit us”.

After a quick look in my diary, I said great and indicated that we could discuss the details later.

As I wrote the date into my diary – I was stunned – it would be Easter Sunday- The Day of the resurrection, new life, miracle.

Christmas to Easter Sunday – I now never turn off my mobile.

Paddy Dundon C.S.Sp. - Fr. Paddy was part of the first group of Irish Spiritans in Brazil. In 1979 he returned to Ireland as part of the Provincial team. He has also worked in Dublin including as leader of the Spiritan Community att