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Reflection Day, 23rd April 2018

A Reflection Day, organised by the office of Spiritan Mission Animation Ireland took place in Dublin. Its goal was to initiate a conversation within the Province in relation to Spiritan mission in contemporary Ireland. Those who attended represented various areas of Province life, including communities, ministries and works.

Confrères and lay co-workers, some twenty in total, participated. The process, based on the premise that "our words create our worlds", focused on the positive.

Participants were invited to share aspects of their experience of Spiritan life and work. The day began by acknowledging life-giving and energising experiences, and energy-sapping moments. Reflection followed on the signs of new life coming from the old, and we were asked to indicate what courage was needed to promote this growth. This led to fruitful and imaginative sharing about mission and ministry, and on the potential for collaboration across different areas of Province life.

In the day’s final session, small groups worked to come up with the following declarative statement:  “We are led by the Spirit of God, the advocate of the poor, who breathes Good News into the life of God’s pilgrim people today.”