Reflection: 8th July 2018

A Reflection for the Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

MK 6:1-6 (  )

In our readings today we are once again reminded that the Lord has always been present with His people, and this love and care for all of us is very much a present reality too.

In the First Reading we read of His concern for the people of the prophet Ezekiel's time. The Lord gives His prophet the difficult task of reminding the chosen people that He was aware of their waywardness, and called on them to remember and obey the covenant that He had with them: that He would be their God and that they were to be His people. Ezekiel warned them that their future depended on their turning again to the Lord.

In the Gospel, Jesus returns to his home town of Nazareth having begun his proclamation of the Good News that God still had for His people despite their disobedience and wrongdoing. The people of Nazareth at first were amazed at His wisdom and knowledge, but then they remembered. That He was one of themselves. They found it impossible to accept that one known to them as He was could now be so different, "Where did He get this knowledge and wisdom?" So they threatened him and threw Him out of the town. Their hearts were closed to His all-important message because they thought they knew Him.

In today's world we are not that different from the people who heard Ezekiel or those who refused to pay heed to the One Who is truth itself. We live in a world where science replaces the Almighty in the minds of many people who call themselves Christian; so many people think that they can do well enough themselves without any real belief in the God who is our creator and on Whom we depend for every breath we take.

Let us all pray that we may have the courage to stand before the world as Ezekiel and St. Paul did and proclaim the Good News by the way we live.

Willie Bradley C.S.Sp. -  Fr. Willie served in Brazil. Returning to Ireland, he was involved in Spiritan education. He is the leader of the Spiritan community attached to Templeogue College.