Reflection: 16th September 2018

A Reflection for the Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

MK 8: 27-35 ( )

After spending time with today’s Gospel passage, I’m struck by the difficult and challenging conversation that was ongoing in the group.

Jesus was sharing the future as he understood it. It was going to be a difficult future. But Peter refused that future, and was reprimanded by Jesus.

As I reflected on this Gospel conversation, the question remained with me: How can someone so close to Jesus not understand what God was about?

Often, we experience ‘Church people’ / ‘people of faith’ whose voices are less than compassionate about people who are marginalised, or about the way that we care for the earth.  In today’s world with all its distractions, it can be easy for people in our communities not to be present to each other and to the people we meet each day.

Sometimes it takes difficult conversations to help us focus on what is important in life.  In today’s Gospel, Peter had one of those conversations where Jesus reminded him that his life was committed to the building of God’s Kingdom.  Jesus invites Peter and all who hear the Gospel today on that journey.

Sometimes as people of faith, we neglect to ‘let God be God’. The invitation by Jesus is to a life-long journey that will have many twists and turns. His promise to us is that nothing can separate us from God’s love. (Rom. 8) Prayer allows us to be present to God’s love.

Jesus is asking us to share the journey of life with him.  It is through this journey Jesus welcomes us to a relationship that is wholesome and good where we can face difficulties and live joyfully.

Today, in a moment of quiet, let us pray the Psalm of the mass.  

Mr. Ronan Barry – Ronan works with the Identity, Faith & Mission Office attached to Spiritan schools in Ireland. His areas of involvement include engagement with school charities, ethos-development, pastoral care, religious education and sacramental preparation.