Reflection: 9th December 2018

A Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent

Philippians 1:4-6, 8-11 ( )

After his conversion, St. Paul was consumed by the notion of the imminent arrival of the Parousia. Every morning could be the day of the return of the triumphant Christ.

Paul shared this expectation with the members of the churches that he had founded. In many cases, this had a paralyzing effect on the Neophytes in the faith. Many considered that only prayerful preparation for The Second Coming was appropriate, and all other activities were suspended.

St. Paul had a special place in his heart for the Christians of Philippi. His writings to them show his affection for those who so enthusiastically accepted his teaching and who so generously gave financial support to his missionary endeavours. His advice to them on how to properly prepare for the coming of Christ echoes down the centuries.

“My prayer is that your love for each other may increase more and more…………. This will help you become pure and blameless and prepare you for the Day of the Christ”.

Our own preparation for the coming of Christ should be characterized by charity towards each other. It is only by assuming the heart of Christ, a heart consumed with love for all, that we can adequately prepare.

Noel Moynihan C.S.Sp. – Ordained in 1977, Fr. Noel initially ministered in Sierra Leone. He then spent more than three decades in the USA before returning to Dublin. In Ireland he has served in Blackrock College and as a member of the Kimmage – Greenhills parish team.