Reflection: 25th December 2018

A Reflection for Christmas Day

MT 1: 18- 25 ( )

Christmas 2015

By Therese Hegarty

Lights go on in Grafton Street
Some of us shop till we drop
Anticipating the smiles when each
carefully chosen gift
is unwrapped.

Some of us cry us for the loved ones we lost

Some of sleep on the street
No affordable accommodation
Perhaps unsure of a welcome from any loved ones

Tearful reunions at airports
The bright young ones returning
from Australia and Canada
The loneliness of mothers relieved for now

Yet some of us are still separated

Christmas day and
Children delight in the magic of Santa
Dads are down on the floor to help
Set things up.

Some of us never knew our Dad

Puddings and turkeys
Mulled wine and mince pies
Kitchen Smells evoke a childhood
We love to remember

But some of us prefer to forget childhood
Or the memories are lost

Rest after the dinner
Falling asleep by the fire
Hectic pace interrupted
How did we become so tired?

And some of us wish we had work to make us tired

Muslims drive the taxis
And work the petrol stations
Perhaps their children ask why we do not close the schools for Eid
But enjoy the closing anyway

Ireland at Christmas
Joy and connection and heartbreak
And everyone in their own way bringing good will

And some of us
Who call ourselves Christian
Remember how all of this began
How the God we believe in,
A God of Love, Justice and Forgiveness
Joined our human experience
In Bethlehem,
Born to a poor family
A family temporarily displaced,
What a statement!

Bethlehem, Palestine
On the fault line of conflict today
Perhaps as much as ever seeking Love, Justice, Forgiveness

country of contrasts
Perhaps as much as ever seeking Love, Justice, Forgiveness

And I wonder
what might be possible for us
if we really believed in Love, Justice, Forgiveness
living among us.