Reflection: 20th January 2019

A Reflection for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

JN 2: 1-11 ( )

This reading tells us of the miracle at the wedding feast at Cana.

It was Jesus's first miracle and it was performed in a very quiet and gentle way for his mother, Mary, to save her family any embarrassment as the hosts of the wedding.

When we ponder our own lives, we realize that we too have been touched in a special way by the Lord especially when we were feeling very alone. 

I remember vividly when we had the first of our eight children, a boy. It was a difficult birth and when I returned home I tried to cope but things went downhill and I got very weak. One morning I knelt down by my bedside and I implored the Lord to take me and the baby home to him as I just felt I couldn't get through another day. Two days later I awoke and out of the blue I felt that the cloud had lifted, and I saw the sun shining again. I knew then that I would be okay.  This to me was a miracle and I thank God.

I can now look back from old age and, safe in the knowledge that I am never alone, I thank the Lord for his presence in my life.

Maresa Kelleher – Maresa is a Lay Spiritan Associate.