Reflection: 17th March 2019

A Reflection for the Second Sunday of Lent

Lk 9: 28B -36 (  )

I feel so blessed and so grateful to have a home. A place to live in safety.  To rear a family and share precious moments. Every day we encounter stories from home and abroad of families becoming homeless, dispossessed, or forced from their homelands due to war or famine.  Innocent lives displaced and scattered; numerous bad stories of suffering; the experiences immense. 

We respond with platitudes but protect ourselves by turning off and saying: ‘What can I do?’.  But to do nothing is no excuse.  Whoever saves a life, says the Talmud, is considered as to have saved an entire world.

All things are possible to God.  As Abraham (Abram) travelled the lonely road from Ur to Canaan, he and his family must have experienced hunger, cold and fear on their journey. As he looked upon the night sky, how aware was he of the future that would unfold?  How clear was his vision? 

In the case of St. Patrick many centuries later aboard a pirate ship to Ireland, who could have foretold the profound ripple effects of influence that the increasing circles emanating with cries from his boat would have on our distant shores? But all these things are possible to God.

Life can present many harsh and difficult experiences.  At times of most suffering we are reminded of Elie Wiesel’s question: ‘Where is God?’. 

It can sometimes be hard to perceive God’s hand.  But like a mother who will never forget her child, we are reminded that neither will God forget his children. 

Abram took a leap of faith and put his trust in the Lord and forged a special bond. Maybe what the world needs now is a renewal of this commitment.

Oliver Doolan – Oliver is chaplain in St. Michael's College Senior School in Dublin.