Reflection 19th May 2019

A Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

Jn: 13: 31-35 (

Sometimes the language of the Book of Revelation (or Apocalypse) is extremely difficult to grasp but today’s second reading (Apocalypse 21:1-5), while still very much a work of the imagination, offers images that can readily appeal to people today.

John taps into our longing for a better future, a new world. In this world there is “no longer any sea”, that is a reference to the seas as a source of chaos.

This text invites us to an awareness of Presence. This is a place of calm, it is a city, the heavenly Jerusalem, but it is here on earth.

Now in this vision of hope what we long for is finally realised because our relationships are healed. This is the perfect marriage: we are at home with God and God is at home with us. Our sadness is gone as God wipes away our tears. It is this that makes a new creation possible.

John is not describing Neverland here nor is he offering us pie in the sky when we die!

For him the new heavens and the new earth are the result of Easter faith. As disciples of the Lamb we live in this broken world, knowing that love triumphs and this is the hope that gives us courage to live each day glimpsing the ways God is with us now and anticipating how he will be with us in the future!

This reading is a call to commitment, to love the earth and to long for it to be as God wants it!

Seán Goan – Seán is Co-ordinator of Spiritan Mission Ireland.