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An Ashram Experience in Ireland - Peter Conaty

Visiting an Ashram in India has become popular in recent times.  More people are seeking meaning in life, work and relationships, and are looking for a way of slowing down and finding simplicity and peace in life.  An Ashram is a place where people of any faith, gender or nationality can stay, practice meditation, mindfulness and yoga, and take an inward journey under guidance to re-connect with themselves and their spirituality. Spending time at an Ashram offers solitude, peace and time-out in community to reflect and to benefit from various spiritual teachings in a setting that is close to nature. 

The word ‘Ashram’ comes from the spiritual tradition of India where over 150 Ashrams are Christian. A person would go to an Ashram to be immersed in spirituality, meditation and opening oneself to the experience of God.  For the past few years Fr. Korko Moses S.J., who founded Dhyanavanam, which is inspired by both Christian and Eastern spiritual traditions, has been coming to Ireland to make the Ashram experience of his home country available to people here.  Participants have the opportunity to ask the deep and meaningful questions of life; and have a time to rest and to find or re-discover direction and meaning. An Ashram attracts a great mix of people from different traditions.

A typical day in an Ashram involves exercise, several sessions of meditation, deep relaxation, prayer and wisdom teachings as well as reflection. Nourishing, vegetarian meals are provided throughout the retreat while there is an opportunity to reflect on the day’s experience with other participants and each evening with the Ashram director. The rest of the day’s activities are normally done in silence.

An Tobar Retreat and Spirituality Centre - set in 25 acres of walks, woodlands, lake, river and gardens in the tranquility of rural Co. Meath - has been tastefully renovated with all en suite bedrooms. The centre will host its next Ashram in the period from Tuesday (evening) 16th to Sunday 28th July 2019. 

A residential course costs a total of €350 for 5 days or €250 for 3 days. (A discount of €50 is applicable to residential bookings which have been made and fully confirmed by no later than Monday 3rd June.)

Limited numbers of one-day (non-residential) places are also available, at €50 per person per day.

To book, please contact Jackie: 046–9078973; antobar@spiritan.ie; Facebook An Tobar Community