Reflection 9th June 2019

A Reflection for Pentecost Sunday

JN: 20: 19-23 ( )

It was necessary for Jesus to leave this earth, to make way for the sending of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit dwells in each Christian at baptism but is He an unknown guest?  What influence has He in decisions that are made?

Jesus called him “the Paraclete” an all-encompassing word, combining the attributes of consoler, helper, comforter in times of trouble, intercessor, teacher and guide.

There is a need for partnership between the baptized and the indwelling Spirit, in seeking his guidance in major and minor decisions. He is present in all the happy and sad events of our daily lives, even when at times He appears to be absent.

Come, Holy Spirit, kindle within me the fire of your love.

When people deal with me, may they meet the influence of the Spirit within.

Ed Grimes C.S.Sp. – Fr. Ed spent many years on mission in west Africa.  A canon lawyer and former National Director of World Missions Ireland, he remains a member of the board of the NBSCCCI and of safeguarding-related committees of the Spiritans in Ireland.