Reflection: 25th November 2012

A Reflection for the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King

John 18: 33b-57 (

A woman called Jean welcomes people into a local community centre inDublin.  She asks people to sign in and shows them where to go.

You turn away from her feeling loved, appreciated and walking tall. There’s magic in her smile and in her voice.   A golden lady, illuminating the gold in everyone.

Jean helps me to understand what this feast is about. It’s celebrating our capacity to lighten the world around us, to generate hope. It tells us about survival, freedom, about trustworthiness, about not being let down and about being watched over constantly. It captures the infinite capacity of love never being at a loss about how to respond:

I will be a blanket,

a cushion for your feet

whatever you need.’ – ‘Stars Above’, sung by Maria Doyle Kennedy.

Today is a day to beat the drums and sound the trumpet and shout aloud the victory of love. A day to refuse to let fear, or failure or instability or cheating be the last word in our lives.  We are not left abandoned to the mercy of the negative powers around us. We have an all-encompassing love-power shielding us, energising us to light up possibilities for healing and transformation.

Leonard Cohen hints at this:

O gather up the brokenness

And bring it to me now

The fragrance of those promises

You never dared to vow.


The splinters that you carry 

The cross you left behind

Come healing of the body

Come healing of the mind.


O solitude of longing

Where love has been confined

Come healing of the body

Come healing of the mind.

O see the darkness yielding

That tore the light apart

Come healing of the reason

Come healing of the heart.


O troubled dust concealing

An undivided love

The Heart beneath is teaching

To the broken Heart above.

O let the heaven falter

And let the earth proclaim

Come healing of the Altar

Come healing of the Name.


O longing of the branches

To lift the little bud

O longing of the arteries

To purify the blood.


O let the heavens hear it,

The penitential hymn

Come healing of the spirit

Come healing of the limb.

Kingdom actions are ‘little buds’, small, hidden, maybe invisible but always giving love a chance to break through to heal and  transform. We are kingdom-makers, privileged because of the one ‘who has loved us so much’  to use our energy, imagination, vision and compassion to make a victorious difference.

Gemma McKenna – Gemma was a co-founder of Partners in Faith, an agency for personal and social development of adults from a faith perspective.  She has been resident inFatimaMansions,Dublin for 27 years and feels privileged to participate in the re-generation of the estate.