Reflection 18th August 2019

A Reflection for the Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Lk: 12: 49-53 (

When Jesus “set his face towards Jerusalem”, he was setting out on the final leg of the journey to establish the “Kingdom of God”  

In today’s Gospel we see his passion, his yearning to lay down his life so that the Kingdom would be born. His goal was to make the Father’s dream a reality, to make it possible. 

Nothing was to get in the way of this.  This was the driving force for Jesus; nothing would prevent it. 

Even if people opposed it or if it caused division among families, so be it. This was the price that would have to be paid. 

Establishing the Kingdom was paramount for Jesus.  Even the religious institutions of the time were seen by Him as obstacles to this. 

Jesus was the Kingdom.  To release this power into the world, He had to lay down his life.

We talk a lot in Ireland about the decline of the Roman Catholic Church. Many people worry about the future.  Maybe we need to recover the message of Jesus with its focus on the Kingdom. 

Our discipleship is a call to build the Kingdom of God.  Frequently I see people living the values of the Kingdom, reaching out to the poor and marginalised who have lost confidence in the institutional Church.  Maybe we need to talk more about the Kingdom and less about the Church. 

In his book “Jesus Christ for Today’s World” (P28) Jürgen Moltmann says: 

We can say to the theologians and pastors and all people who ask anxiously: ‘What’s going

to happen to the church?’: forget the church - think about the kingdom of God, seek its justice

and righteousness, and the living church will be added to you, simply of itself.” 

Daithí Kenneally C.S.Sp.Fr. Daithí worked for many years in Sierra Leone. In Ireland he has served as Parish Priest in Kimmage Manor and in Deansrath in west Dublin, and as leader of the Spiritan community in Kimmage.