Reflection 15th September 2019

A Reflection for the Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Lk: 15: 1-32 ( )

Today’s readings challenge us to re-think our way of being. 

Humanity can limit our relationship with God. If we continue to believe that we are always right in our attitude to others without praying for enlightenment, we will live with resentment.

We must listen to the word of God to discover where we are being called to change. If we have a grateful heart, we will have the gift of understanding and grace will be given. If we have the gift of understanding, we will have trust in God’s plan for everyone.

In this we will never resent what another person may have, and we will be happy to welcome everyone into our community.

I remember meeting a young lad who had gone off track. As we were chatting, a good friend of his arrived and showed his surprise at the situation. The young lad was very remorseful and apologized to his friend for letting him down because he knew that his friend loved and cared for him. 

We who know the love of God should try to do the will of God in any situation in which we find ourselves. We will do this through prayer and thanksgiving.

Trish Sherry – A Spiritan Associate, Trish is a former member of the St. John of God chaplaincy service.