Reflection 6th October 2019

A Reflection for the twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 17:  5-10 (

Increase our faith 

The disciples ask “Lord, increase our faith”. They made this request after Jesus had told them to forgive. “If he (your brother) wrongs you seven times in one day ... you should forgive him.” They realized that to be able to forgive like this they were going to need help. They were going to have to live like Jesus and trust like Jesus. 

Jesus is calling them to have faith in the people they meet even if they seemingly fail continuously. He is saying “Don't give up on people. See goodness, see their potential, see what I see”.

The disciples ask for faith, and Jesus is the person who has faith in his disciples. He believes they can do it.

I am always amazed by, and profoundly grateful for, the faith and trust people place in me. Although they know my faults and weaknesses they still believe in me, trust me and allow me into that sacred place in their hearts. 

They increase my faith. I have come to realize that my faith is not my own as the faith of any individual is not strictly their own. Our faith belongs to the community in which we live. Jesus is with us in this and he lives or dies as we live or fail to live the Good News. “In Him we live and move and have our being ... for we are his offspring.”

Living in a faith community we know we are in this undertaking together. Our faith grows or dies by how faithfully we live the Gospel. My faith is continually renewed, deepened and challenged by the people the Lord has placed in my life. My faith belongs to them as their faith belongs to me 

The disciples asked for an increase of faith, not as individuals but as a community, so I ask, “Lord, increase our faith”.  

Joe Glynn C.S.Sp. - Fr. Joe ministered in west Africa (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana), and for some years was part of the Spiritan Formation Team in Ireland. Currently he is Provincial Delegate of the Spiritans’ regional community in San Francisco, USA.