Spiritans and the Integrity of Creation

beautiful treeThe Irish Spiritan Chapter in 2006 decided that the Province would undertake a new initiative and, after careful discussion, a focus on "Integrity of Creation" was chosen. The urgency of taking action was impressed upon the participants through seminars held over a period of months. Following this a series of six booklets was produced. These were then distributed throughout the Spiritan Province and the theme of "integrity of creation" was also incorporated into Provincial events.The booklets incorporate the values and principles of "The Earth Charter", a global consensus statement formally endorsed by thousands of organizations, including UNESCO and the World Conservation Union (IUCN).
A booklet of "The Earth Charter" is available to download on this page.

The themes of the six Integrity of Creation booklets are:

  • Eco-Spirituality
  • Water and Air
  • Energy and Transport
  • Shopping, Eco-cleaning and Recycling
  • Forests, Soil and Food
  • Climate Change

The series aims to:

Call us to recognise the beauty and wonder of this world and celebrate its diversity. Alert us to the devastation currently happening to our planet.

Increase our awareness that climate change, which is mainly caused by humans, has the greatest impact on those who are already the most deprived in our world.

Motivate us to play our part in living and promoting more sustainable lifestyles so that we and future generations can enjoy the beauty and fertility of our planet Earth.

Develop a network of people for mutual support and encouragement as we strive to live in a more environmentally-friendly manner.

The booklets will be available soon...