Reflections 12th April 2020

A Reflection for Easter Sunday

JN 20: 1-9 (

If Jesus had a social media account on Easter Sunday morning, I imagine his first tweet would most likely have been: #you too. How many ‘hits’ do you think he would have received? Well, from what we read in the accounts in the Gospel of the events leading to his crucifixion, most of his followers had their phones on silent and their hopes in lockdown. They had decided to quit living on dreams like the two disciples heading home to Emmaus, like Peter returning to work as a fisherman. They eventually realized that he had not gone away you know.

The account of the Ascension into Heaven seems to me to be a rather clumsy way of articulating the faith reality that Jesus is now operating in another realm and equally clumsy is the idea that God ‘sent’ his son ‘into’ the world. What if Jesus emerged from a grace-filled reality from the beginning of creation? Wasn’t God, Father, Son and Spirit, not already invested in reality from then on? Wasn’t creation their new address?

St. Paul says in 1Cor 15,13 that “if there is no resurrection from death, Christ himself cannot have been raised”. Creation, with its myriads of creatures, was already dying and rising from time immemorial. It was always changing, not ending. #humanity too.

Michael Kilkenny C.S.Sp. – Ordained in 1985, Fr. Michael is one of some 20 Irish Spiritans who ministered in Angola. He has also served in Rome, at the Spiritan HQ, and in Ireland where his current roles include as Community Leader in Spiritan House on Dublin’s northside.